Thanksgiving Day Free Kids Recipes

Here's your FREE Thanksgiving Day Kids Recipe Cards and Photo Journaling Templates.  The.PDF file is for those of you that wish to print and hand make your Children's Recipe Cookbooks.  The .PNG files are in the .ZIP format. Just unzip or unpack the files inside on your computer and use them in your favorite Photo editor, Digital Scrapbook or Wordprocessing software to create your Children's Cookbook and Photo Memory Journals.

thanksgiving yummy goodness veggies  halloween popcorn treats autumn  pilgrim-hat-puffs to snack with mayflower people

indian cornpops give thanks for all pilgrims day mayflower  october eating cornpops  turkey pilgrim hat puffs male and female

Indian Corn Pops    Halloween Popcorn    Pilgrim Hat Puffs

thanks001.pdf       thanks002.pdf       thanks003.pdf


cranberry sauce turkey day cooking baking pumpkins  oatmeal-scotchies eggs pilgrim-kids and indian-kids  min- sweet-potato pies cinnamon cloves

cran berry sauces cranberries pumpkins sugary  oatmeal butterscotch cookies desserts october oatmeal scotchies  sweet potato in a pie biscuit crust

Cranberry Sauce    Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies   Mini Sweet Potato Pies

FPkidsthanks004.pdf       FPkidsthanks005.pdf       FPkidsthanks006.pdf



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